Truth and Lies - the Science

A one-day introduction to Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility

To make the science of Dr Paul Ekman more widely available Paul Ekman International have expanded our portfolio to include a single day introductory programme that is available through our international Licensed Delivery Centres.

Paul Ekman PhD, through Paul Ekman International, has condensed his leading edge science from over 40 years of research into the design of this programme. This science was also used in the FOX drama 'Lie to Me' starring Tim Roth where Dr Ekman served as Scientific Adviser. The course ONLY covers content which is science based and Paul Ekman approved; we do not include unproven theories and myths that are common in many texts and course offerings in this field.

Make the leap from myths and guesswork to data driven analysis with this one-day distillation of the science behind truth and lies.

This one day event in Manchester will be useful for those who interact with people in difficult conversations such as sales, customer service, high stake interviews, interrogations, negotiations, purchasing, recruitment, investments, consultations, arbitration, coaching, teaching, counselling, team working, management/leadership … or just in day to day social conversations with friends and family.

The average ability of untrained people to distinguish between truth and lies is 54% - no better than chance! Many of the delegates who go through our full four-day ETaC (Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility) course are hitting performance levels of 90%. 

Evolution has dictated that the face alone can provide a wealth of information from most people that can help us to differentiate between truth and lies, though we also have to build in the other four communication channels of body, voice, verbal style and verbal content to reach the 90% levels. These are covered in the full ETaC course.

So we have brought the science around the face, truth and lies together into this one-day highly interactive, effective workshop that will feature realistic scenarios for the delegates to test their skills using an adaptation of the original Paul Ekman truth/lie research studies.

Course Objectives:

Following this event you will be able to:

  • separate the myths from the science in truth/lie-detection 
  • apply a comprehensive psychological model to evaluate truth and lies
  • outline how the five communication channels can help this process
  • recognise macro and micro expressions that are shown on the face 
  • assess your ability to discriminate between truth and lies
  • learn and practice these skills in a safe environment with Paul Ekman approved trainers.

Course Outline:

The session is interactive and you need no previous knowledge in this subject to learn from this. You will also test yourself at the start and during the training using a micro-expression training tool created by Dr Ekman and by reviewing videos clips and practical truth/lie scenarios.

The course is structured as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Lies and truth defined
  • Science versus myth
  • Psychological models for truth and lies
  • Emotions - the essentials
  • The face and emotions
  • Experimental study - applying your skills 'live'
  • Summary and review.

We use a wide range of methods with small group workshops and lively presentations to make this fun, interactive, effective and engaging. We will also be carrying out data driven research on truth and lies during this pilot programme.

Course Booking:

The course is delivered in English, it runs from 9.00am to 5.00pm. The fee is US$750/UK£495 per person. This includes course materials and refreshments (subject to local taxes). 

For every 3 places booked one of those 3 attends free.

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