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About Paul Ekman International Plc.

Paul Ekman International plc has been established by the Paul Ekman Group and the Emotional Intelligence Academy(EIA) to make the science and work of Dr Paul Ekman available to those who need and want it.

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  Paul Ekman International plc(PEI) is owned by the Emotional Intelligence Academy(EIA).

which operates internationally with a range of forensic communications and emotional awareness courses, consultancy services and research from foundation skills through to a MSc in Forensic Emotion Awareness.

Courses have been designed and approved by Dr Ekman through the Paul Ekman Group llc. If you don't see this logo... then the course is not Paul Ekman Approved.

EIA (and PEI) is led by Cliff Lansley, working under license from the Paul Ekman Group as sole exclusive provider of Paul Ekman training. This training was launched and delivered within the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand - with a wide range of attendees joining these workshops from the USA, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Romania, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.


"Our goal is to make sure no-one in the world has to make a connecting flight to experience a Paul Ekman Approved workshop". (Cliff Lansley MD)

The network of providers has now expanded into Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East - now entering its final phase with Centres in Canada, the USA and Latin America. You will know if you are on a genuine Paul Ekman Approved course if it is listed on this website and delivered/sold only by one of the following partners in the Licensed Delivery Centers(LDCs) network:

EIA Group - UK

EIA Group - France

EIA Group - USA

I&G Management - Italy

Emotional Intelligence Academy - Romania

Paul Ekman International Indonesia - Indonesia

Paul Ekman International Malaysia - Malaysia

Paul Ekman Singapore - Singapore

CoachKompagniet - Denmark

Sola Unitas - Turkey

Darte Coaching - Spain 

Triple A - Germany and the Baltic States

FiveBy5 Intelligence Group - California

Ford Coaching - Warsaw, Poland

Paul Ekman International - Moscow

Coach Inc - Lebanon

Woodland Emotional Intelligence - Netherlands 


...other centres in the USA, Latin America, South Africa, India and others soon to be announced! More on LDCs...

We are prioritising our next phase of expansion and are looking for high quality partners in:

  • Latin America
  • USA
  • Canada
  • South East Asia
  • South Africa
  • Russia
  • Eastern Europe, and
  • India.

A full schedule of the courses around the world can be found here.

PEI's vision is articulated by Dr Ekman as follows:

"I strive to improve people's understanding of their emotional life and aid those responsible for public safety by taking the discoveries I made and translating them into practical tools and training programmes, based on solid research about the nature of our emotions, trust, and deception.

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Paul Ekman International plc and its Licensed Delivery Centers will take this work forward and so we can contribute to a more emotionally aware, secure and compassionate world by making this work accessible to all".

(Paul Ekman, Ph.D - Professor Emeritus UCSF).

 Cliff Lansley (MD - Paul Ekman International plc) is charged with ensuring the PEI business plan is designed to deliver that vision over the next ten years through its delivery network.

 Dr Ekman is scientific advisor to the FOX/SKY series, 'Lie to Me' which is a drama based around his work and experience. 

This dramatisation of Paul Ekman's work is dramatised through three extensive series, with Dr. Paul Ekman engaged by FOX as the Scientific Consultant throughout the production of the programme.

'Lie to Me' is inspired by the scientific discoveries of Dr Ekman who can read clues embedded in the human face, body and voice to expose the truth and lies in criminal investigations.

"Dr Cal Lightman (played by Tim Roth) is the world's leading deception expert. If you lie to Lightman, he'll see it in your face and your posture or hear it in your voice. If you shrug your shoulder, rotate your hand or even just slightly raise your lower lip, Lightman will spot the lie. By analyzing facial expressions and involuntary body language, he can read feelings ranging from hidden resentment to sexual attraction to jealousy. His work gives him the knowledge and skill set to expertly deceive others as well as detect lies." (

Learn the skills yourself, through Paul Ekman endorsed training programmes!

Feel free to access Paul Ekman et al research with pdf downloads and links in the Research section.

Delegates of the Paul Ekman Methods include professionals from:

Abbott Pharmaceuticals

American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)


Alcohol Tobacco Firearms

Bedfordshire Police

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (A.T.F)

Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A)

California Highway Patrol

California Office of Corrections

California Superior Court Judges

Cape Cod Regional Law Enforcement Council - Boston, MA Police Department

Control Risks

Defense Intelligence Security Centre UK

Department of Defense (D.O.D.)



Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A)

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Emirates Airlines

Enterprise Learning

Entrepreneurs Organization

European Central Bank

Executive Forum

Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I)

Federal Law Enforcement Training Centre - FLETC

Football Association

Foreign Service Institute (F.S.I)




Greater Manchester Police

Inspector General, US Government

John Hancock Financial - USA

John S. Lindemann & Associates, Chicago

Kaiser Permanente


Lockheed Martin

Los Angeles, CA Police Department-Gangs Unit

Los Angeles, CA. Sheriffs' Department

Manulife Financial Corp - Canada


Mayo Clinic Staff and Medical Students

McKenzie Management Consultancy

Medical University of Vienna

Merseycare NHS

Milton H. Erickson Foundation


National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

New Scotland Yard, London, England

New York Police Department - Counter Terror

New York Transit Authority Police

Northumberland Police

Oakland Police Department, CA

Office of the General Counsel, City of Boston

Philadelphia PD


Prison Service UK

Proctor and Gamble

Professional Footballers Association

San Francisco Association of Mediators

Scotland Yard Police UK

Seattle PD

Social Engineering

Serious Organised Crime Agency (now NCA)


Swedish Armed Forces

The Police Institute, Rutgers University


Turkish Airlines

University of Central Lancashire

University of Manchester

University of Westminster

University of Vienna (Medical)

US Army Military Interrogation

US Counter Intelligence School

US Coast Guard

USASOC (Army Special Operations Command) - US Army Fort Bragg

USJSOC (Joint Special Operations Command)

US Department of Justice (Law Enforcement Officers' Assistance Program)

US Department of Transportation

US Department of Veterans' Affairs - Dr Margaret Cary, MD & Associates

US Marine Corps

US Special Forces

US Secret Service


West Point Association of Graduates.


(details of the training of our clients cannot be provided).


If you would like to know more about our services then please let us know your areas of interest, whether you would like to benefit from the training, or feel you have the credentials to become a partner.

We would love to hear from you - contact us.

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Latest News

The latest news and features from Paul Ekman International:


  • It is amazing how four days can bring such a big change to your life, to your way of being and to the way of looking and listen to what surrounds you. It helps you turning "on" a button you didn't even know you had and then...well… you better try it so you can understand what I mean!


    — Salomé Camarinha – Forensic Scientist, Portugal
  • I am a serving uk police officer and attended the Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility 4 day course. The course was extremely useful and has supported my interviewing skills further with both witnesses and suspects. It has changed my mindset and showed me there is no Pinocchio's nose and reading baseline is so important. The course is very impactive and I will be seeking further Paul Ekman skills.


    — Katie MORRISON Criminal Investigation Department| Northamptonshire Police
  • "I found the ETaC course to be very professionally organized, brilliantly structured so as to ensure that the information was not only delivered well, but also understood and assimilated by the participants. The course teaches a full skill set thoroughly, and includes in it the teaching of attitudes that make a difference in lie detection: integrity, comprehensiveness, professionalism and an open mind. I found myself able to apply the skills and knowledge right away, and I look forward to going further in the adventure of understanding people."  

    — Agnes Mariakaki (Comsumer Psychologist - Greece)
  • I was fortunate enough to be able to attend back to back the ESAC and ETAC courses.  To get the Ekman information in a concentrated format really enabled me to integrate it into my business environment more quickly.  My first level was just applying it to my subordinates and peers, and now I am able to use it regularly with my colleagues and partners.  Surprisingly I am already actually getting positive feedback from people who have no idea that I took the courses.  They are just more appreciative about how I am participating in groups dealing with difficult topics.  I attribute that success all to the team at Ekman International in Manchester.  The workshops were very clear and logical and the materials are some of the best formatted and presented participant packages that I have ever encountered….yes ever!  They currently sit on the shelf behind my desk chair at an easy access level as I still refer to them regularly for specific notes I made about the discussions.  So I am now a convert to continuing to apply the Ekman material for the business world because the positive feedback is very clear…and so necessary.

    — Jack May - California, USA
  • I attended the first Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility Certification in Portugal.
    The training was powerful, very professional and the delivery was excellent.
    The trainers, Cliff and Joseph were supportive and highly professional. I am the owner of the Coaching Institute (EMOTIONS INSIDE INSTITUTE), and want now to bring this training to my country Angola, to help emergent countries with new ideas, new approaches and supporting the development of African Countries and the happiness and safety of their people. The ETAC was also a growing opportunity to understand the world in a different way, to be aware of subtle signs, that are full of meaning, nothing will be the same after this training.

    Thanks to my colleagues and to my friends and trainers Cliff Lansley and Joseph O'Connor I give my best wishes for the wider success in taking PAul Ekman science to the world, and I tell you all: ….  never " Lie to Me"..I will catch you.

    — Pedro Tinoco – Angola
  • This is what past delegates say they are using or plan to use the skills they have developed on the PEI courses:

    • evaluating the credibility of investment targets for my high net worth clients - Alex
    • therapy diagnostics for couples - Monika
    • for Barristers to read reactions from clients, jurers and others - Jessica
    • interviewing for new employees and checking credibility of written and oral submissions about competence, experience and education - Janet
    • for in depth understanding of my executive coaching clients - Bob
    • for in depth negotiations - Al
    • effective team awareness and management within my company - Adrianne
    • supporting and coaching leadership clients who have 'derailed' - Gail
    • business negotiations when agreeing contracts - Will
    • spotting the 'moment of value' in sales meetings and reading suppliers - Tony
    • establishing 'real' specifications, wants and needs from clients - Dan
    • interviewing suspected criminals - Sergi
    • sickness and fraud cases - Chris.
    — ETaC Delegates
  • The 4 days I spent at the Emotional Intelligence Academy training on evaluating truthfulness and credibility were excellent. I arrived at the course thinking I already had a good understanding on how to do this from the books and on-line training I had received in the past and very quickly learnt that this wasn't the case. The detail the course goes into is brilliant and teaches you to observe leakage over 5 channels that I previously didn't even know existed! The interaction with the group was also good as I respond much better to a workshop environment where you can apply the skills straight away as you learn. The skills of the group where enhanced dramatically throughout the 4 days and this was obvious by the results in the various video exercises we were involved in.
    There is no limit to the application of this type of science both personally and professionally and I would, and have, recommended it to several friends and colleagues already.

    — Alexander Ogden - London
  • "The course was a fantastic experience for me. Combining clear theoretical guidelines with practically oriented exercises, Cliff, Aaron and Maggie gave brilliant insights into the science of evaluating truthfulness and credibility. The vast variety of different backgrounds, experiences and knowledge present in the international group not only facilitated learning but made it a very pleasant overall experience. Although a lot of material was covered in a quite short space of time, the team made sure that the work load was manageable and the participants always felt well guided and taken care of. Having learned much more than I could have imagined, I can attest to the excellence in training and delivery by this team. I am very glad I attended this course and can unreservedly recommend it to anyone interested in learning about human interaction behaviour, especially in high stake situations."

    — Boris Altemeyer (University of Westminster)
  • I found the Evaluation of Truthfulness, Lies and Credibility course in March 2011 fascinating!

    I am very glad that I decided to travel from Warsaw to the course in Manchester! It was absolutely a good decision. I enjoyed it very much and I am truly impressed with this workshop and quality of work. It was very professional and knowledgeable, with a perfect balance between practice and theory. Great discussions and interactions.

    I am working in the field of interpersonal relationships and the understanding of the five channels (importance and analysis) will help me find more about bidirectional influence with two person interactions. It will be very applicable in my fields of research and counseling.

    Really nice that Cliff and the team were very willing to answer questions and share their wide experience. Within four days my attention was kept at all times.

    Thank you again for the great workshop. I look forward to attending your next courses.

    — Monika Wojcik - Poland
  • "I enjoyed the course a great deal and learnt an enormous amount. The learning was well structered and the teaching team friendly, knowledgeable and fun! I loved the international feel with participants from all over the globe. For anyone considering this training I say 'go for it!'. You will learn a lot and meet some amazing people!"

  • 'The trainers were outstanding. They led the group through difficult and challenging times with finess. There were a lot of up and downs in the course and emotions ran high many times - but in each instance the situation was managed and resolved making everyone come out of the situation in a positive way' - Maggie

    'I throughly enjoyed being trained by both trainers - they did an excellent job providing all of the delegates with their time and patience as well as maintaining a highly professional and dedicated training demeanor.  The knowlegde of the training materials and subject matter displayed by both Cliff and John was encyclopedic - as well as the additional insights provided by both into related subjects and examples.  Trainer delivery style was engaging - challenging and overall first rate' - Mike

    'Learners were supported and challenged from the start - giving a great balance of stretch and confidence building. High levels of subject knowledge and professionalism shown throughout the programme clearly sets this training well above anything I have experienced' - Duncan

    'The course materials are fantastic, and I appreciate the care that went into them. Overall, brilliant and easy to follow from a facilitation point of view' - Aaron

    — Train the Trainer delegates - Manchester (Jan 2011)
  • I took the course of ETAC for 4 days. Those days were very intense, and very exciting and rewarding. As a psychotherapist with 20 years experience I can say that this course will help me a lot in my work. It is hard for my clients sometimes to be truthful and common for them to lie to themselves. So these techniques and knowledge will be very useful for me to help improve the quality of life for many people.

    — Paula Isabel Dos Santos – Psychotherapist
  • The workshop was professional, engaging and practical, yet rooted in solid science. This initiative has relaunched my understanding and faith in emotional intelligence development.

    — Alan - Australia.
  • I attended the course in the UK and this was the most challenging and fulfilling course I have attended. I have been working as a trainer and consultant in the fields of emotional intelligence, coaching and leadership for 24 years and believed I would not learn anything new from this course.

    I was wrong.

    The science of Dr Ekman is firmly embedded in these powerful courses and we finally have something practical, tangible and reliable that will build the knowledge, skills and capability of our clients to recognise and work with the emotions in themselves and those they work with. The quality of the training materials for delegates is outstanding and the pre and post testing around and during the 3 and 4 day programmes evidence that emotional awareness can be learned.

    — Janice Marshall - Italy.
  • I was fascinated to learn that we have seven emotions that are displayed on our faces in the same way, regardless of race, culture or ethnic origin and that these displays are universal and they are often outside our consciousness or control. I believed this was an innate ability - emotional intelligence - I now know this is a skill that can be developed and if you are going to learn this, why not get it from the best?

    — Sue - Bedfordshire.
  • "Great blend of humour, science and examples from the solid skills and experience of the two facilitators".

    "I found the session both fascinating and more than slightly disturbing! As an HR Practitioner, with several years experience in recruitment, I scored very badly in your initial test and then doubled this score after your short training session.  Best practice encourages us not to go with our instincts but with hard facts when we are interviewing.  I think that the 'Lie to Me' approach is to get us to become more intuitive, which means that our decisions cannot be so easily justified".

    "The presentation was fascinating. Very well presented and thought the test before and after of identifying the emotions on the faces was great. I think this is an extremely useful skill".

    — CIPD Conference Delegates 2010
  • "Je suis heureux de pouvoir témoigner de ma satisfaction d'avoir participé a cet atelier. J'ai déja appliqué mon nouveau savoir, lors de mes séances avec mes clients et j'en ai immédiatement tiré un réel bénéfice. Merci a toi, Duncan, Maggie et Aaron."

    — Jean Francois Hirsch (Hypnotherapist)
  • "I can confirm that both courses I attended were excellent. Duncan, Cliff, Aaron and Maggie were very professional in their presentation of the course content. From a personal point of view the material will be good for me to expand my areas of expertise and use the content to not only increase business but also improve my personal relationships."

    — Les Symons (Sales Trainer)
  • "I'm writing as I've not had the opportunity to put in writing my thanks and gratitude to yourself Cliff, and also to the training team of Aaron, Maggie, John, Duncan, Jordan and Harry for the enthusiasm, professionalism, humour and candour you put into the teaching of both the ETAC and ESAC Courses. I'm glad that I made the decision to attend both the ETAC and ESAC courses. At a time when I was in between jobs and facing and uncertain future, the investment was a sound one and extremely worthwhile!  The course content was informative, well structured, provoking and fun. This was complimented by group interaction which enabled us to actively apply what we had learnt as we went along. Coming from a Professional Procurement and Sales background, I interact with clients on a daily basis, advising and negotiating on large contracts. The skills that I have acquired on the courses have improved both my business and personal life. The beauty of Paul Ekman's science is that it can be applied to any situation and environment and everyone no matter what their background can benefit from it.  Less than 2 weeks after attending the ETAC Course I was successful in getting a new job and I can say that applying what I learnt helped me tremendously in the interview. The course is already paying for itself. Tangible reward! I would ideally love to be able to work with this information and use it to help others and earn a living from it in the future, just not in a sales capacity. I've set myself a two year goal to achieve this and am intending to write to some local services/organisations whereby I might be able to continue to learn in an observing capacity initially. I've also become a bit of a sponge since the course and am trying to soak up more information from a number of the  different books you pointed me to. Thanks."

    — Chris Woodruff (Sales and Procurement)
  • Communication is an art that needs to be continuously developed. In this fabulous course, all communication channels and their connections were taken into consideration.

    We learned from an extraordinary pair of highly knowledgeable, competent and professional trainers, Cliff Lansley and Joseph O'Connor, to be fully aware of each channel and its details as well as the consistency - or not - between them, which allows us to estimate how likely are the messages we receive - and deliver - to be true.

    It was a fabulous, amazing course, from its design to its deliver, passing through contents, shares, management and balance between practical exercises and theoretical concepts, indispensable for anyone who wants to efficiently communicate with people, which means: all of us.

    I strongly recommend it.
    Thank you very much, Cliff and Joseph.

    — Teresa Cordeiro, Portugal


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