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The infrastructure

Paul Ekman International PLC (PEI) is the company that has been licensed by the Paul Ekman Group as the sole authorized provider of Paul Ekman training in the world. PEI is part of the Emotional Intelligence Academy.EIA new PEI and EIA's role is to build on the science and training experience of Dr. Ekman by developing and deploying high quality training programs and materials across the globes in partnership with established high quality training providers.


Our goal is that no-one in the world will have to make a connecting flight to experience a Paul Ekman Approved workshop


STOP PRESS!! - We are actively seeking interest from established organizations in this field to complete our network of 50 LDCs. In particular we are now moving into the final phase in Russia, Latin America and Asia.

Lead Licensed Delivery Centers (LLDC) - are being established in each major territory. PEI is establishing LLDCs to spearhead the development and growth of the delivery infrastructure and to quality assure training practice across those territories.

The network of providers has now expanded across the globe. You will know if you are on a genuine Paul Ekman Approved course if you see this logo
PEInew AND it is listed on this website and delivered/sold only by one of the following Licensed Delivery Centers (LDCs):


EIA Group - UK

EIA Group - France

EIA Group - USA

I&G Management - Italy

Paul Ekman International Indonesia - Indonesia

Paul Ekman International Malaysia - Malaysia

Paul Ekman International Singapore - Singapore 

CoachKompagniet - Denmark

Sola Unitas - Turkey

Darte Coaching - Spain 

Triple A - Germany and the Baltic States

FiveBy5 Intelligence Group - California, US

Paul Ekman International Russia - Moscow

Coach Inc - Lebanon

Woodland Emotional Intelligence  - Netherlands 

...other centres almost ready - soon to be announced! 

If you would like to know more about becoming a centre you can do so by downloading this document or contacting us here.

Licensed Delivery Centres (LDC) - these hold a License direct with PEI to promote, sell and deliver the Paul Ekman training modules within their territories. An LDC will be a separate legal entity having strong internal training ability and is interested in adding PEI modules to their repertoire for their employees and/or clients. There will be two main types of LDC:

Corporate LDC - a large private/public/social organization that may have its own human resources or organizational development function that wants to train internal employees using PEI Core Modules.

Commercial LDC - a private/public/social organization whose primary business is training and development. This could be a University, a private training company or even a commercial HR department of a corporate who offers services outside of their employees, but within the territory of their LLDC. We will secure a sector spread of LDCs so that we have geographical and sector expertise led provision across areas including those below.

Commercial LDCs (will usually specialise by sector(s) within Countries/Regions)

Here are the primary sectors we are targeting:

Law Enforcement
National Security
Private Security
Human Resource Management (Personnel/Selection/Appraisal/Disciplinary)
Human Resource Development (Training/Assessment/Coaching)
Sports Coaching
Customer Service
Community Health
Primary/Secondary Health
Family Unit/Children
Social Services
Animation and Art
Claims adjusters
Compliance officers
Benefit Claims
Animal Care
Labour relations
Market Research
Teachers of children
Teachers/Trainers of adults
Pre-School Child Care
Interviewing (General)
Self Management (General)
Self Management (High Profile/TV)
Immigration Control

Corporate LDCs (large private/public/social organization that wish to train internal employees):
Local Authority A-Z Police Authority
Hospital Trust
Voluntary Sector Organisation
Govt Agency


If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Delivery Centre please download this guide or contact us.


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