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About PEI Plc.

Paul Ekman International plc (PEI) has been established to make emotional skills and deception programs more widely accessible, building on the life's work of Dr Paul Ekman.
With the international head office in Manchester, UK, the Managing Director, Cliff Lansley is responsible for building a network of quality assured Licensed Delivery Centers (LDC) who will provide the training for individuals and for organizations across public, private and voluntary sectors.

The wide applications and benefits of this emotion based training are outlined by Dr Ekman as follows:

"In any transaction that matters whether it's between lovers, between parent and child, between salesman and client, between doctor and patient, between suspect and interrogator, between adversaries at an election, emotion is what we're looking for. Emotions tell us what matters." - Paul Ekman (

The courses are enriched with unique content, videos and live practice sessions to help delegates build knowledge, skills and application with high quality Trainers.

Cliff is the Managing Director of 'Emotional Intelligence Academy Ltd' (EIA).

EIA newEIA  specializes is using reliable science in developing and delivering programs in emotional awareness and deception and is the parent company of Paul Ekman International plc which is the sole authorized global provider of training approved by Dr Paul Ekman - established to spread this Ekman Approved, science-based training around the globe. 

CliffLCliff graduated in the UK in education/psychology at Manchester University and has over 25 years experience working at senior levels in public and private sector organizations facilitating leadership, communications, emotional intelligence and coaching programmes. His mission over the last eight years has been to gather the science and push forward the research that can 'harden' the often termed 'soft-skill' of emotional awareness and management (self and others) so that it is embraced more confidently by public/private employers and schools.

Part of this innovative work aims to demonstrate how relevant research can be used in professionally designed training programs to reliably train professionals from all sectors to read the true emotions of others, real-time, without technology, using the five communication channels of face, body, voice, verbal style and verbal content. 

These professionals can then use this ability to work out what people are really thinking and feeling - also helping those in the legal and security sectors to distinguish between those who are being truthful and those who are not about their identity, recent episodes and intentions in high-stake contexts. Once the accuracy levels consistently exceed 90% Cliff is confident that the legal/security sectors adoption of the science will help commercial and public organisations to see the value too in understanding customers, clients, stakeholders and competitors. Cliff and his team have built a laboratory in Manchester to support the training design. He has developed a multi-disciplinary MSc in Forensic Emotion Awareness and is engaging PhD students within the laboratory to further the research into how best to develop reliable training courses and tools that can make learning effective and efficient. 

PEI has now established 12 Licensed Delivery Centers around the world and this network will rise to 50 Centres over the next 4 years.

The core modules being offered through those Centers include:

Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC)

Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC).

Some of our organizational clients are large enough to have their own trainers trained and accredited to deliver one or both of the two core programs. This means they can deliver authorized Paul Ekman training under license to their employees. Consultancy and training organisations can do the same so they can deliver the programs commercially.
Applicants to the Train the Trainer programme will be associated with, or become, a Licensed Delivery Center (see below). They must be professional, experienced trainers with a strong background in social sciences and/or extensive experience within the emotional skills, deception and communication training area.

Accredited Trainer (AT) - a trainer, associated with a LDC (or LLDC) who has both completed the intensive Train the Trainer program and met the high standards demanded of trainers associated with PEI and our centres.

Accredited Trainer of Trainers (ATT) - a senior trainer employed or commissioned by PEI to deliver Trainer Training.

Licensed Delivery Centers (LDCs) - Accredited Trainers operate within a quality assured Licensed Delivery Center(LDC). These centers are supported with materials and resources to help them deliver top quality programmes to their clients/employees (more details below).

At Paul Ekman International PLC, we welcome applications from new and established training units who believe they can help take this training into their specialist sectors and locality.

This is the infrastructure...

Paul Ekman International PLC (PEI) - the company has been licensed by the Paul Ekman Group as the sole authorized provider of Paul Ekman training globally.  Its role is to build on the science and training experience of Dr. Ekman by developing and deploying high quality training programs and materials in these countries.

Lead Licensed Delivery Centers (LLDC) - are being established in each major territory. PEI is establishing LLDCs to spearhead the development and growth of the delivery infrastructure and to quality assure training practice across those territories.

If you would like more information about this initiative you can start by contacting us here .

Licensed Delivery Centers (LDC) - these hold a License direct with PEI to promote, sell and deliver the Paul Ekman training modules within their territories. An LDC will be a separate legal entity having strong internal training ability and is interested in adding PEI modules to their repertoire for their employees and/or clients. There will be two main types of LDC:

Corporate LDC - a large private/public/social organization that may have its own human resources or organizational development function that wants to train internal employees using PEI Core Modules.

Commercial LDC - a private/public/social organization whose primary business is training and development. This could be a University, a private training company or even a commercial HR department of a corporate who offers services outside of their employees, but within the Territory of their LLDC. We will secure a sector spread of LDCs so that we have geographical and sector expertise led provision across areas including those below.

Commercial LDCs (will usually specialise by sector(s) within Countries/Regions):

Law Enforcement, National Security,  Private Security,  Entertainment/Drama
Human Resource Management (Personnel/Selection/Appraisal/Disciplinary), Human Resource Development (Training/Assessment/Coaching), Sports Coaching, Counselling,  Sales, Purchasing/Procurement,  Customer Service, Leaders/Managers, Community Health,  Primary/Secondary Health, Friends/Social, Relationships/Love, Family Unit/Children, Social Services, Animation and Art, Claims adjusters, Compliance officers, Mediation, Negotiation, Taxation, Benefit Claims, Judiciary, Lawyers/Barristers, Animal Care, Advertising, Labour relations, Accountants/Auditors, Market Research, Teachers of children,  Teachers/Trainers of adults,  Pre-School Child Care,  Sports,  Interviewing (General),  Interrogation,  Hotel/Hospitality, Self Management (General), Self Management (High Profile/TV),  Finance/Loans/Banks, Secretary/assistants, Immigration Control, Vigilance/Awareness.

Corporate LDCs (large private/public/social organization that wish to train internal employees):
Company A
Company B
Company C - Z
Local Authority A-Z Police Authority A-Z
Hospital Trust A-Z
Voluntary Sector Organisation A-Z
Govt Agency A-Z ….Etc.

If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Delivery Center please contact us.


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