A few tips on dealing with anger

Emotion is a Call To Action – An innate gift that Keeps us Alive, Enhances Relationships and Motivates Action.

Anger is one of our basic emotions and we might do well to attend to the signal. The universal trigger for anger is someone or something obstructing our goals or interfering with our values and beliefs. The ‘anger family’ includes frustration at one end of the scale and rage at the other.

Consider for a moment:

  1. Does someone you care about irritate you on a regular basis?
  2. Do they often cause your blood to boil?

The word ‘regular’ and ‘often’ may have raised issues which you have tolerated, but not acted upon.
Is there a really good reason for inaction?
Is that really a reason…or an excuse?
Have you given up on taking the action your emotions are asking you to deal with?

Often, acting on your anger can get you into trouble, especially if dealt with angrily. Not acting can affect your health. Sometimes taking action can help us to address laws, injustice, abuse and rudeness that are not only affecting you, but maybe impacting on many others too.

Maybe now is the time to stand up and give it another go – assertively and constructively by sharing:

  1. “I care for you though when you do this, it affects me this way….”
  2. “The outcome I would value is……”
  3. “It would help me if you could do (not do) this…..”
  4. “I care about our friendship/relationship”.
  5. “Can we discuss this and work this through together please?”

Baby steps first… start with small issues.

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