Research and Reference Materials in Emotional Skills and Credibility Analysis

PEI Resources

This is a great area to visit if you would like to learn more about the science and research behind much of Dr. Ekmans work on Emotion, Compassion, Verbal and Non-Vernal Behavior, Deception, and Credibility.

Everything here is freely available for you to explore.

The ‘Resources’ section is broken down into three key parts:

The Publication section contains a wide variety of research papers, Ebooks, Articles and other knowledge-based material relating to Dr. Paul Ekmans work. You will be able to filter your searches by their publication type, author, and the publisher and download certain articles for offline reading.

The PEI Wiki is a learning space for quick, fun, and factual pieces on topics we think you will find particularly interesting. The Wiki will continue to grow with new and exciting additions so make sure you revisit it from time to time to learn more.

Videos are a fantastic way to teach, learn and become inspired. Here you will find a collection of great video clips of Dr. Paul Ekman and other great researchers and practitioners within the field of Emotion, Credibility, and Communication.

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