How do I become a lie detector like Dr. Cal Lightman on “Lie to Me”?


The industry in new though the Paul Ekman International courses, that now leads into a Post-Graduate Diploma and a Masters Degree in Communications, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis (directed by our sister company EIA Group)- creating a pathway for those interested in this field.

Once you have acquired this skill it can be used in so many different contexts such as the obvious law/security enforcement, but also in many other areas. Most researchers in this field of facial expressions study some area of psychology, either cultural, behavioral or social. Also teachers and trainers/coaches to be able to “read” that their students are in fact understanding the sessions. Doctors who need to know that their patients are telling them the truth so that they are able to diagnose quickly and safely. Sales and management personnel who need to be sensitive to their client and employee needs.

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