Dr. Paul Ekman’s work has helped so many people around the world. Join him and help countless more by becoming an Ekman Trainer.

Develop your ability to communicate the fascinating science of emotion, truth, credibility, and deception to students worldwide – Become an approved Paul Ekman International Trainer.

The Ekman Train-The-Trainer Programme is an intensive 4-day virtual workshop that takes the knowledge and skills developed over Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Ekman professional pathway and takes this even further to ensure you complete the Train the Trainer program with the confidence to deliver world-class training in Emotional Awareness, Truth, Credibility, and Deception to your students around the globe.

Dr. Paul Ekman’s contribution to emotional intelligence, credibility analysis, and deception detection has made him the leading name and researcher in the area. His training is attended by some of the world’s biggest organizations and agencies, including – Disney, FBI, Scotland Yard, European Central Bank, British Intelligence, and Deloitte.

"I strive to improve people's understanding of their emotional life and aid those responsible for public safety by taking the discoveries I made and translating them into practical tools and training programmes, based on solid research about the nature of our emotions, trust, and deception."


The Trainer program provides a safe yet challenging environment to learn, develop and master the Paul Ekman content and methodologies. You are prepared and fully certified to deliver the Paul Ekman-approved training material to your organization and clients.

The Train the Trainer program approach:

A Paul Ekman Master Trainer will guide the group through the Train the Trainer event and throughout the 5-day program. Trainers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the content and facilitation skills. Both of these areas will be developed through self-review, peer-review, and master trainer inputs.

All trainers will work through the following steps numerous times during the program:

  • They will take part in activities that will stretch their knowledge and skill.
  • They will give a review of their own performance
  • Fellow trainers will give constructive reviews
  • The TTT trainer will add their constructive inputs
  • The group will discuss how we might deal with the challenges of training the content
  • These inputs, tips, and ideas can then be incorporated into further activities

Through this cycle of performance, review, and adaptation, the trainer develops new skills and knowledge to better deliver the Paul Ekman content to their students, their clients, or within their organization.


Completing the Paul Ekman Practioner Program is an indication of your high level of skill within the field of emotions, credibility, and communication. As a qualified practitioner, you will receive the Ekman Seal of Approval to illustrate your ethical commitments when working with others and your dedication to science-based practice.


The Ekman Train The Trainer Programme is designed for professional trainers that wish to add the scientifically validated content of Paul Ekman’s research into their training offerings and services

Those who are passionate about education and sharing their knowledge and skills with others

Someone with a background in training who understands the importance of a facilitative approach to learning

Individuals who have real-world experience in the field of high-stakes communication and emotional intelligence

A driven trainer who has ambition and sees the Paul Ekman certification and training programs as part of their broader business goals


  • Become a master of the Paul Ekman content
  • Train others using the official Paul Ekman material
  • Have the confidence and expertise to use the Ekman methodologies and curriculum 
  • Feature on the PEI website
  • Understand how to adapt and tailor the content to your clients and their contexts
  • Have a personal development plan to continue your learning and enhance your skillset
  • Meet a network of professionals passionate about the science behind emotion, truth, and deception in a variety of contexts
  • Gain the rights to use the Approved Paul Ekman Trainer logo on your website


Day 1

  • The first Virtual Classroom will introduce the Train The Trainer program and process, as well as create an opportunity to get to know other trainers on the program. This is useful as a support network as the program continues.
  • Expectations and protocols will be thoroughly clarified (by those enrolled and the PEI team) before diving into the topics that will be presented by the trainers.
  • Trainers will be asked to plan and record the delivery of key content sections to the camera for review and feedback. Therefore, the remaining sessions of Virtual Workshop #1 are designed to ensure clarity with open forum discussions and Q&A with Senior Trainers and Experienced Facilitators on Key Ekman content areas. 
  • Within one week following this initial Virtual Workshop, trainers will develop their presentations on topics they have been allocated, present them to the camera, and upload them to the Programme for feedback. 
  • After the videos have been uploaded, both trainers and the PEI program team will review them and prepare feedback for the second Virtual Workshop

Day 2

  • In the second Virtual Workshop, the students will have a chance to both receive and provide feedback on the video presentations uploaded, in a safe and constructive environment. The aim is to identify challenges, gaps in knowledge, misunderstandings, and also to develop further in those areas. 
  • These sessions are also a chance to celebrate the successes and learn from each other’s presentations, styles, and innovative delivery methods.
  • Lastly, in the second workshop, trainers are allocated sections of Ekman content from both the emotional skills and evaluating truthfulness content and given the challenge of creating facilitated exercises for the third and fourth Virtual Workshops.
  • This will be followed by a one-week planning phase. During this week trainers will have the support of PEI Trainers and Facilitators, via email, in order to discuss ideas, concerns, ask questions, or get clarification. This gives trainers the opportunity to create their exercises with confidence and support. 

Day 3

  • The third virtual classroom gives the students the chance to run their planned facilitated exercise with the group on the emotional skills topic they were allocated.
  • Following each session, they will be asked to give some self-reflection and then receive feedback from their peers and the Trainers and Facilitators, aimed at developing their knowledge and skills further.
  • The following week is then used to continue the development of exercises for the evaluating truthfulness Facilitation Day (Virtual Workshop 4) in light of the feedback received.

Day 4

  • The final Virtual Classroom is the evaluating truthfulness facilitation day during which the prospective trainers run their focused facilitated exercises with the group. As with the emotional skills facilitation day, along with self-reflection, they will receive peer and Trainer/Facilitator feedback.
  • The day will end with a celebration of the successes, achievements, and learnings over the month and the next steps will be discussed. Trainers will subsequently arrange the time and date for the final Trainer Feedback One-To-One calls at the end of the session.


Q. Can I attend as a corporate trainer?



If you are from a corporation that may have its own human resources or organizational development function that wants to train internal employees, you are more than welcome.

Q. Can I deliver in any country, in any language?



While the train the trainer program is delivered in English, those who complete the course will be able to translate and deliver the materials in their chosen language. 

Q. Is there a license fee?


Once you have booked your place on the Ekman Train the Trainer Program, our team will contact you to arrange payment of the first annual Trainer License fee.

The Ekman Trainer License is $4000 (USD) per year (may be subject to VAT) and is in addition to the Train the Trainer program fees. 

The License fee covers your use of the Official Paul Ekman training materials, featuring on the PEI website, ongoing support from the Ekman International team, and use of Ekman marketing materials. 

What our customers say...

Teresa Cordeiro – Training and Consulting
Teresa Cordeiro – Training and Consulting

It was a fabulous training, from its design to its delivery, it balanced between practical exercises and theoretical concepts. Indispensable for anyone who wants to efficiently communicate with people. I strongly recommend it.

Katie Morrison – Criminal Investigator for Northamptonshire Police
Katie Morrison – Criminal Investigator for Northamptonshire Police

The course was extremely useful and has supported my interviewing skills further with both witnesses and suspects. It has changed my mindset and showed that baseline is so important. The course is very impactive and I will be seeking further Paul Ekman skills.

Pedro Tinoco – Trainer
Pedro Tinoco – Trainer

I attended the first ETaC Certification. The training was powerful, very professional and the delivery was excellent. Nothing will be the same after this training.

Agnes Mariakaki – Consumer Psychologist, Greece
Agnes Mariakaki – Consumer Psychologist, Greece

The ETaC course is very professionally organized and brilliantly structured so as to ensure that the information was not only delivered well but also understood and assimilated by the participants.