Certification in Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility by Dr. Paul Ekman

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Learn how to evaluate truthfulness and detect deception

If your role requires you to have a firm grasp of the truth, seek out deception, and obtain the full story, then Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility is the course for you.

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  • Identify hidden messages and deception in others
  • Enhance your ability to analyse verbal and non-verbal behavioral cues
  • Develop robust questioning strategies to illicit valuable information from others

This three-day course will teach you how to read and evaluate others through their verbal and non-verbal behaviors and use this skill to accurately evaluate their credibility or uncover their deception.

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In most interactions, individuals put too much emphasis on the spoken words. This approach results in a significant loss of information and is ineffective in assessing the credibility of others. During this program you will go far beyond just analyzing the words, you will learn how to read and interpret all 5 core channels of communication and how these can be used to expose the true thoughts of others.

The 5 core channels of communication are:

  • Facial expressions
  • Body language
  • The Voice (Pitch, Tone, and Volume)
  • Verbal style (The way a person talks)
  • Verbal content (The words a person uses)

All delegates receive a graded Certificate signed by Dr. Paul Ekman on completion of the course.

During this course you will...

  • Identify the importance of baselines and when they occur
  • Take a structured approach to the detection of leakage
  • Identify and evaluate ‘hotspots’
  • Carry out hypothesis testing
  • Identify and evaluate clues to lying and truth telling
  • Adopt active listening and observation skills
  • Utilise these skills to evaluate truthfulness and credibility

After this course you will...

  • Analyse the psychological processes that occur when people lie
  • Develop your ability to assess the credibility of others through their verbal and non-verbal behaviors
  • Practice and hone your deception detection skills using real participants and live exercises
  • Learn how to spot hidden displays of emotions through a person’s Micro facial expressions using Dr. Paul Ekman’s pioneering training technique
  • Employ an effective interviewing model that will enable you to elicit valuable information from others

What our customers say...

Agnes Mariakaki – Consumer Psychologist, Greece
Agnes Mariakaki – Consumer Psychologist, Greece

The ETaC course is very professionally organized and brilliantly structured so as to ensure that the information was not only delivered well but also understood and assimilated by the participants.

Katie Morrison – Criminal Investigator for Northamptonshire Police
Katie Morrison – Criminal Investigator for Northamptonshire Police

The course was extremely useful and has supported my interviewing skills further with both witnesses and suspects. It has changed my mindset and showed that baseline is so important. The course is very impactive and I will be seeking further Paul Ekman skills.

Teresa Cordeiro – Training and Consulting
Teresa Cordeiro – Training and Consulting

It was a fabulous training, from its design to its delivery, it balanced between practical exercises and theoretical concepts. Indispensable for anyone who wants to efficiently communicate with people. I strongly recommend it.

Pedro Tinoco – Trainer
Pedro Tinoco – Trainer

I attended the first ETaC Certification. The training was powerful, very professional and the delivery was excellent. Nothing will be the same after this training.

More information about this course

The Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility course covers the psychological models behind truth and lies, plus the skills required to identify ‘Hotspots’ (instances when the strain between what we are thinking and what we are feeling produce observable/audible leakage across the five channels).

The course is designed to help you to read and evaluate the degree of truthfulness and credibility in what others are communicating to you.
As well as the unique, five channel approach to training you will also learn about memory, and how you can work out whether a statement of an event is remembered or being constructed through scientific content analysis.

The courses are enriched with unique content, using videos of truth-tellers and liars from high-stake contexts such as international Embassy visa applications, scientifically validated experiments conducted by Prof Paul Ekman himself and extracts of CEOs from commercial investment contexts.

Delegates of this course will also use live practice sessions to build knowledge, skills and application with high-quality feedback from the Paul Ekman Approved Trainers.

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