Certification in Emotional Skills and Competencies by Dr. Paul Ekman

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Learn to manage your emotions and read them in others

Whether you're a manager, negotiator, facilitator, parent or therapist - interacting constructively with others is vital to the success of building relationships and improving mental well-being.

  • Recognise and Manage your Own Emotions
  • Improve your Ability to Identify Emotions in Others
  • Develop Powerful Strategies for building Productive Relationships

The Emotional Skills and Competencies course will give you the tools, techniques, and approaches to become the master of your emotions and ensure that they are working for you, and not against you.  

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You will develop your behavior analysis abilities, and enhance your skills in reading others through verbal and non-verbal cues.

You will learn how to use this advanced competency to gain deeper insights into the thoughts and feeling of those you interact with and aid you in building constructive and positive relationships.

All delegates receive a graded Certificate signed by Dr. Paul Ekman on completion of the course.

During this course you will...

  • Cover a brief history of emotions and why they are vital to our survival
  • Adopt a simple framework for developing your emotional skills
  • Develop your ability to analyze the verbal and non-verbal behaviors of others using real participants in live exercises
  • Learn how to spot Micro-expressions using Dr. Paul Ekman’s pioneering training techniques
  • Employ an effective conversation management model, so you are equipped for all types of encounters

After this course you will...

  • Understand how emotions work
  • Know your emotional triggers and how to manage them
  • Be aware of emotional impulses from the outset
  • Respond to emotionally charged situations, and not react impulsively towards them
  • Be able to read emotions in others through their verbal and non-verbal behaviors
  • Understand the emotions of others more insightfully 
  • Use your new skills to develop constructive and positive relationships

What our customers say...

Salomé Camarinha – Forensic Scientist, Portugal
Salomé Camarinha – Forensic Scientist, Portugal

It is amazing how a few days can bring such a big change in your life, to your way of being and to the way of looking and listen to what surrounds you. It helps you turn “on” a button you didn’t even know you had.

Les Symons – Lifestyle Managment
Les Symons – Lifestyle Managment

Both the courses I attended were excellent. The Trainers were very professional in their presentation of the course content. From a personal point of view, the material will be good for me to expand my areas of expertise and use the content to not only increase business but also improve my personal relationships.

Jack May – International Finance
Jack May – International Finance

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend back to back the ESAC and ETAC courses.  To get the Ekman information in a concentrated format really enabled me to integrate it into my business environment more quickly. 

Melody Cheal – NLP Master Trainer
Melody Cheal – NLP Master Trainer

I enjoyed the course a great deal and learnt an enormous amount. The learning was well structured and the teaching team friendly, knowledgeable and fun! I loved the international feel with participants from all over the globe. For anyone considering this training I say “go for it!” You will learn a lot and meet some amazing people!

More information about this course

This two-day core program is centered on cutting-edge behavioral science and will prepare you with the knowledge, understanding, skills, and application of emotional competencies. The course is designed to help you become aware of your own emotions (before they get you into any trouble!), and the emotions of those around you.

Based on Dr. Ekman’s science and leading-edge training methodology you will use the emotional timeline from trigger… to impulse… to action to understand the challenges and skills around awareness through that process.

It will also develop your skills to enable you to read the true emotions in others to help you build and maintain constructive, successful relationships.

You will learn how to read facial expressions, plus the other four channels, that we need to pay attention to in others if we really want to know what they are saying: body language, voice, verbal style, and the actual words spoken/written. You will practice and hone those skills in a safe environment with a Paul Ekman International Approved Trainer.

The wide applications and benefits of this emotion based training are outlined by Dr. Ekman as follows:
“In any transaction that matters whether it’s between lovers, between parent and child, between salesman and client, between doctor and patient, between suspect and interrogator, between adversaries at an election, emotion is what we’re looking for. Emotions tell us what matters.” – Paul Ekman

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