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Cliff Lansley presented about how the science of Dr Paul Ekman can be applied to enhance the coaching process

ICF members experienced the unique opportunity to test, develop, and retest their abilities to see micro expressions-a key to help them understand others at a deeper level.

This session was led by Cliff Lansley, MD of Paul Ekman International plc, and included content approved by Paul Ekman, Ph.D. Paul’s research of 40-plus years into emotions and facial expressions was the basis of the FOX/SKY drama ‘Lie to Me’, starring Tim Roth, where Paul served as scientific adviser.

When our goal is to build constructive relationships, or when our role is to support the development of others through coaching, it is useful to recognise what someone may be thinking and feeling. The words a person says are often consistent with what they feel and think, though at times there may be important differences. These differences often emerge as ‘leakage’ from the five channels of communication. During this session, partisipants will focus on the face, where leakage can appear for only a fraction of a second, often without consciousness of the person showing it.

These displays are known as micro facial expressions and can relate to key emotions universal, regardless of ethnic origin or cultural background; some relate to cognitive processes-our thinking. If we are able to read these signals from others, our performance as a coach will improve.

Posted on: Thursday, September 12th, 2013

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