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Cliff Lansley – Guest Speaker at ABP Conference
Cliff Lansley – Guest Speaker at ABP Conference

The Association for Business Psychology (ABP) is a growing professional body with over 700 members. Established in 2000, The ABP represents a community of practitioners and researchers who remain passionate about applying the principles of psychology to today’s dynamic world of work.

We define the term “Business Psychologist” broadly and as an inclusive title for any individual with a demonstrable track record of applying psychology in an organisational setting. ABP members include Occupational and Organisational
Psychologists as well as professionals from other Psychology disciplines, HR, coaches, trainers and many more.

The ABP Conference has become an annual event for the industry and attendee numbers continue to grow. Over 200 people attended last year’s conference and over half attended from large UK organisations and leading HR and business consultancies. Unlike others in the field, the ABP Conference is the only conference that provides the opportunity for practitioners to connect and collaborate with like-minded people, and contribute to the field of business psychology.

The theme for the Annual Conference is “theory into action”. The event celebrates the ABP’s focus on practical but evidence based knowledge sharing. ABP builds on the success of every conference to bring attendees something bigger, better and even more fun. This year includes: A World Café networking event, various accreditation sessions by our sponsors, a Street Party, Friday Night Gala dinner and of course a comprehensive programme of speakers including Cliff Lansley  MD – Emotional Intelligence Academy.

Cliff will be exploring how the research into emotions and multi-modal communication channels can help business leaders to read, understand and influence clients, staff and other stakeholders to benefit all parties. He will be testing and developing conference attendees’ abilities to understand others at a deeper level via micro gestures, micro and subtle facial movements, voice, verbal style and verbal content analysis.

Posted on: Friday, October 24th, 2014

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