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Cliff Lansley consults on notorious crime cases on National TV
Cliff Lansley consults on notorious crime cases on National TV

Cliff Lansley appeared as Consultant for ITV in the UK documentary.

“It’s a scene that’s played out time and time again over the last 20 years. In an attempt to throw the police off the scent, the cold-eyed killer stares into the camera and begs the public for help to solve the crime they know they have committed. But how can we tell a genuine appeal from cynical manipulation? A growing body of experts now believe they can expose a liar through scientific methods.

In the Lying Game: The Crimes That Fooled Britain, three of the nation’s top forensic and behavioural psychologists and experts reveal the developments in the science of lying.

Using their expertise they will provide fresh insight into some of the most notorious criminal cases: Stuart Hazell killed his step-granddaughter and cried to the press while her lifeless body was stowed in the attic just feet above his head; Mitchell Quy proclaimed his innocence on Richard and Judy and starred in a documentary about his missing wife when all the time he had brutally murdered and dismembered her. Ian Huntley, who murdered two children and then went on camera faking concern; Karen Matthews made plaintiff appeals on TV for her daughter to come home when she knew exactly where she was and was later convicted of kidnapping. Fadi Nasri hired a hitman to kill his wife and then went on TV to beg the killer to come forward. Dr Sharon Leal, a leading forensic psychologist and expert on lying will analyse the on-screen performance of these criminals. For the first time on TV, she will demonstrate the techniques that pinpoint the verbal tells which signal they are lying.  Through interviews and experiments she will show us that we have traditionally looked for all the wrong cues when attempting to expose a liar, but that with the right training, we can become better at telling truth from fiction.

Cliff Lansley, Behavioural Analysis Expert (MD – Paul Ekman International and the Emotional Intelligence Academy) and specialist in the physical signs of deception, will pinpoint how lies are given away through minute movements in the face and body. Whilst Kerry Daynes, a Clinical Forensic Psychologist, with years of experience working with criminals, will explain the personality types behind these crimes and what motivated them to do what they did… …Our experts will also examine genuine appeals and flag up the differences in behavior when people are lying and when they are telling the truth. Through documentary footage news archive, interviews with the police and journalists, we look at how the lies of our featured criminals eventually unraveled. Armed with the knowledge of how people lie – The Lying Game: The Crimes That Fool Britain demonstrates how we can all have a better chance of spotting  the liars in our own lives.”

Adapted from an ITV Article

Posted on: Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

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