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Microexpressions – The window to your emotions.
Microexpressions – The window to your emotions.

When people deliberately try to conceal their emotions, or unconsciously repress their emotions, a very brief facial expression often occurs.

This is invisible to nearly everyone who has not trained with METT as it usually occurs for only 1/15 to 1/25 of a second. Training with METT enables you to better spot truth and lies, put people at ease, understand others more deeply and be more successful in many contexts including sales, leadership, management, coaching and customer service.

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Research with schizophrenics has shown that those who have used METT are better able to recognize how others are feeling.

Micro expressions tell you that the emotion is concealed. But they do not tell you how or why it was concealed. They may be the result of a conscious, deliberate choice in which the person knows how he/she is feeling but does not want anyone else to know. Or, as a result of repression, in which the person does not know how he/she is feeling and has been blocked from their consciousness. You will need to determine if the concealment is deliberate or unconscious, as they look the same. Your knowledge of the situation in which they occur should help you figure this out, or you may need to ask questions to find out.

While most of us miss the valuable signs of concealed emotions, the Micro Expression Training Tool (METT) will enable you – in about an hour – to spot most of them. The facial expressions of anger, fear, sadness, disgust, contempt, surprise and happiness are universal – the same for all people.

METT includes a Pre-Test to establish how many micro expressions you can spot without training, followed by Training, Practice, and a Post-Test so you can see how much you have improved.

METT offers practice and training opportunities and is recommended for those in security, defence, education, sales, and the medical professions where “reading” emotions in others is paramount to performance. A certificate of completion is available for those who receive 80%. You can stay logged on this tool to see if you can hit 95% to receive the Expert level certification.

While nearly everyone improves from the pre to post test on first use, not everyone can reach the highest levels of accuracy straight away due to differences in their ability to grab visual information quickly (visual acuity). Also we know that these skills decay over time.

For thess reasons the unique feature of the tools we will be bringing to you is that we leave you registered with the tool for continued practice and testing – even after the certification offered on METT.

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Posted on: Sunday, November 27th, 2016

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