Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

Vincent van der Burg, PhD is the founder and director of UNLP – leading institute in the field of personal and professional development in The Netherlands. He has over twenty years of experience in organisational and personal development. His expertise covers human psychology, change, NLP, and mindfulness. Vincent van der Burg is the author of several books and articles in this field. His new book, “Book for Coaches” quickly became a bestseller in The Netherlands (soon to be translated in Dutch).

Dr Van der Burg holds a PhD in psychology, and several (master) degrees in business and behavioural economics. He is an accredited NLP master coach, trainer and key-note speaker around the world. He is supervisor and member of the faculty of various NLP trainer’s training and coach programs.

As an authorized Paul Ekman associate dr. Vincent van der Burg offers a wide range of workshops in the field of non-verbal behaviour, behavioural analysis, and social intelligence, all of which are based on the practical application of scientific research.


  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Executive Coaching
  • NLP