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Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

Ülli Kukumägi is a well-known Estonian body language expert and a loved lecturer whose workshops and classes are both interesting and educational. In her own words: “It is one thing to have knowledge, another is to share it, but with time you learn how to share your knowledge through fun!” 

Ülli has over 25 years of management experience in various business fields and this was one of the reasons she got involved with psychology in 2001. Her need for knowledge on how to manage teams effectively, lead her to psychology and the science of non-verbal communication. The main topics of her training` are verbal and non-verbal communication, the art of influence,  sociopathic behaviors and false identification. She is also a trained hypnotherapist and is writing her doctoral dissertation about non-verbal communication in the workplace. In her own words: “As a daughter of a scientist, I prefer academic proof of the knowledge. But how much does science know about the universe or human behavior? That’s a different story.”

She has been awarded the Best Lecturer of Tallinn Conferences in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and has long-term experience of public speaking at conferences, seminars and on television.

Her work with people has taught her that communication skills are the basis for success in both work and private life. The most decisive human communication is non-verbal communication, which “leaks out” our latent attitudes. 

She speaks in English, Russian, Finnish, and Estonian.