Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

Tomás is co-founder and managing director of InBodyLanguage – International Institute of Body Language, the first training institute specialized in behaviour analysis, emotional intelligence and credibility assessment in Portugal. The institute aims to be a reference in the development of personal and professional communication skills for the Portuguese market.

As a senior trainer with more than 10,000 hours of professional experience, Tomás offers training to a broad public, from individuals such as psychologists, coaches and HR professionals, to private companies and national agencies. His courses use the latest scientific methods on non-verbal and emotional awareness skills to promote a clearer and more genuine communication between people. The knowledge of our own emotions and the emotions of others enables the establishment of deeper relationships, and the chance to freely lead the dialogue into common goals and win-win solutions.

Tomás is a clinical psychologist, a licenced psychotherapist, has an MA in Philosophy and an MSc in Communication, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a certified coder in FACS (Facial Action Coding System) and SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis), and develops his researching activity at the Centre for Research on Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences, School of Law, University of Lisbon. He also teaches regularly non-verbal communication skills in several Portuguese Universities and Business Schools.


  • Credibility Analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • FACS coding