Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

Dr. Stan Rosenberg is a social and corporate anthropologist, an associate of Paul Ekman’s expert community, Philosophical Doctor.

He worked as a lawyer but when he was kidnapped by his client’s rival he decided to quit jurisprudence. 

He learned psychology and international relations and got his PhD in social sciences.

He started to teach but soon understood that real knowledge is not at any university or in some dusty books. It is among real people.

Then Dr. Rosenberg started to travel and to work in the field (everywhere he could meet interesting individuals), collecting stories of people like you and me.

9 years of research and over 4000 personal conversations with representatives of more than 50 cultures shaped his knowledge of human behaviour!

Now he consults startups and commercial companies on how they can raise their efficiency and motivation, how to make the best communication strategy in any team. He teaches the company’s employees to understand each other, understand and feel clients’ needs.


  • Credibility Analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Facilitation