Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

CEO of Delphi Ethica, an Italian company specialized in advanced training courses, research and consultation headquartered in Milan.

Partner and COO of Phersei Investigation & Security Group

Formerly part of the Italian Police Armed Forces of Carabinieri with over 24 years of experience in the operational service, certified FACS Coder by Paul Ekman Group and by Paul Ekman International within the field of emotional competences and speaker’s credibility. Emotional and behavioural analyst consultant and tutor specialized in Criminology and Security. Master’s Degree in Persuasive writing and Visual Storytelling, he is also an expert in Interrogation Techniques and Investigative Interviewing.

He is the only Paul Ekman International Trainer in Italy that has a twenty-year Investigative experience in the Military Government Forces of National Defense and Security.


  • Credibility Analysis
  • Interrogation Techniques
  • Investigative Interviewing