Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

Riccardo is a lighthearted, empathic and professional Emotional Intelligence Trainer,
committed to working with companies, schools and associations.

As a Sociologist, he is deeply interested in social dynamics and human behaviours,
always improving his skills to higher standards. That’s why he also studied for the
EIA Diploma in “Behavioral Analysis and Investigative Interviewing”, meanwhile
becoming an EQ Assessor, an EQ Practitioner, a Mediator, an approved Somatic
Experiencing Practitioner and an experienced Rogerian Active Listener.
He held conferences and training programs about Emotional Intelligence and
Behavioural Analysis to hundreds of people across several cities in Italy, especially in
Milan Area and Trento.

In Trento, he has the honour to cooperate with Villa S. Ignazio, a coaching and training
centre of excellence, funded by the Jesuit order, with more than 40 years of
experience, thanks to the L.E.D. (Laboratory of Education to the Dialogue), one of
the most prestigious Italian Rogersian Association.

Thanks to his mindfulness and passionate teaching style, he creates a unique and
unforgettable experiences for his students, both giving them a solid and
multidisciplinary theoretical background and making them able to immediately put
into practice their new achievements.


  • Emotional Intelligence
  • FACS coding
  • Mindfulness