Pascal Vancutsem - Approved Paul Ekman Associate

Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

After having been a financier in a multinational company and a recruitment consultant for several firms, in 1998 he created COACHING & PERFORMANCE with the aim of becoming one of the French specialists in the individual coaching of managers and executives. In 2002, he is the first in Europe to organize public coaching sessions. From 2003 to 2006, he signed the last page of the economic monthly EXPANSION (the eye of the coach) that consists in decoding the way of functioning of personalities of the world of the company and politics. He will never see any before the articles are written but will be consulted by some of them afterward.

In 2007, he gets closer to the neurosciences by training in the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approaches of Dr. Jacques FRADIN. These approaches that help to understand the human mode of functioning by understanding the functioning of our brain then become the fundamentals of COACHING & PERFORMANCE. In 2015, he decided to enrich his skills through behavioral analysis and more specifically by the model of Dr. Paul EKMAN.

He is involved in conferences on individual coaching and personal efficiency. He is a co-author of the book “Audace, Mode d’emploi” published by EYROLLES in September 2015.

He describes his interventions as a personal strategy that he defines by personal progression and relational tactics. Its main areas of intervention are the development of human potential, effectiveness and leadership, relationship to the other, adaptive intelligence and the preparation of operational events. As part of his activities, he is daily led to decode his clients to help them develop but also to decode their interlocutors so that they adopt the most effective relationship tactics for them.


  • Decoding of Personalities
  • Human Functioning
  • Professional Coaching