Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

Nick grew up in Athens and is the founder of Dynamic Equilibrium Ltd and Dynamic Equilibrium System. He is the INLPTA National Chapter Coordinator for Greece and Cyprus & International Ambassador of ANLP for Greece.

Nick has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and holds Trainers Training certifications from INLPTA. Moreover, he is Associate of Paul Ekman International (Micro Expressions & Body Language). In his Dynamic Equilibrium System™, he uniquely combines a variety of techniques such as Clean Language, Provocative approach and Systemic Coaching and he spent lots of time combining Ancient Techniques and rituals in Modern Psychology in his model “4 elements systemic coaching”. In addition, he is working as a Behavioral Analyst and a Clinical Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist with more than 11 years in Clinical work. Furthermore, he is a tutor of “NLP in Management” at the Athens Information Technology Institute and teaches NLP courses and Systemic constellation at the Academy of Psychotherapy in Greece and at The College of Humanistic Science in Bachelor of Criminology and Behavioral Analysis.


  • Body Language
  • Interventionist
  • NLP