Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

Jasper is a leading trainer and experienced facilitator, coach and keynote speaker in the field of behavioural analysis. Jasper specialises in assisting corporations, organisations and educational institutions to expand their knowledge within non-verbal communication and emotional intelligence to better connect, motivate, influence, assess the credibility and detect deception.

Working as a Behavioral Analyst, Jasper understands the importance of understanding others and our awareness of our verbal and non-verbal communication. With years of experience coaching, Jasper knows the importance to either learn these skills or improve them to be as effective as possible in order to connect, influence others or assessing credibility and truthfulness.

Understanding our own emotions and the emotions of others is a fundamental skill. Jasper facilitates both lectures and workshops to a range of clients in an international environment. The goal is to increase their skill set and awareness with influence, credibility and non-verbal intelligence.

Jasper is driven by a passion for empowering, motivating and empowering his client’s skills to acquire the tools and build the skills they need to succeed. 

Jasper brings a unique set of skills, experience and tools to help both individuals and organisations. From keynote speakings to workshops and presentations, Jasper offers a wide range of different training sessions based on the practical application of scientific research in the area of non-verbal communication and applied psychology.


  • Credibility Analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Micro Expressions