Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

With over 10 years of experience in the consulting industry, change management and high escalation mediation, Ilhan is a leading consultant and coach in the field of digital transformation, leadership and high psychological safety. Ilhan specializes in coaching leaders, teams, individuals to increase their resilience, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and make teams more connected and successful. He helps organizations reach the next level, with a data-driven still highly emotional and holistic approach and maximize their opportunities.

Founding several companies and being a CEO of a successful consulting boutique himself, Ilhan is additionally working with different clients across various industries.

From global corporations to small start-ups and CEOs, he understands the need to adapt to different scenarios and conflicts and solves them in a fast, professional and still human-centered way. The skill of emotional intelligence combined with cutting edge technology, traditional processes, methods and tools allows him to empower the leaders and organizations of tomorrow.

Ilhan has a broad personal interest in economics, psychology, mediation and emotional intelligence and is always curious to tackle new challenges. He brings a unique set of skills, experience and tools to help leaders, individuals and teams. From coaching sessions to workshops, mediation and presentation, Ilhan offers a wide range of different training sessions based on the practical application of scientific research in the area of psychological safety, FACS coding and emotional intelligence.


  • Leadership
  • Strategist
  • Visionary