Irvine Nugent - Approved Paul Ekman Associate

Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

Endang is a high-energy communicator, trainer and facilitator with strong interpersonal skills and rich business experiences across different cultures. She has established her expertise in soft skills and behavioural skills.

Endang has more than 30-year’s experience in the HR areas of the finance industry and other industries, both in Indonesia and Sweden. She holds a Master of Science in Public Administration and HR Management, Master program in IT Management, Certified Interviewer, Certified SHRBP, and other international short education.

To further share her expertise, she establishes a company UpstairsBlue AB. It is a ManagementConsulting Company and HR Development based in Sweden that helps people and organization recognize their skills and reach their potential.

The company focuses on:

  • Training delivery on Soft Skills topics such as Enhancing Interpersonal Skills, Human-to-Human Relationship ”The Art of Networking”
  • Facilitator/Trainer for Executive Education and Leadership Program
  • HR Management Consultancy such as Organizational Development, Learning and development,
    Performance Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring


  • Credibility Analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership