Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

Head of Thuban Consultants, I am a coach and trainer. Involved with many companies of all sizes and all sectors of activity, I intervene mainly in the areas of management and the commercial relationship.
Passionate about human behaviour and the emotions that trigger it, I have specialized for more than 20 years in these areas by highlighting the interests and issues in interactions related to the professional world. Certified in emotional intelligence, the work of Dr. Ekman, thanks to their scientific data, allows me today to provide real added value, in the the decryption of facial expressions (FACS) and their applications in areas such as recruitment in order to assess the the credibility of an applicant’s speech, negotiation to better defend his margins by identifying the emotions of our interlocutor, or management to understand and manage the emotional state of an employee and anticipate the difficulties that may arise in a team or in a relationship with customers.
I believe that knowledge must be shared and that sharing is intended to be more effective in our communication interactions. I will have great pleasure to convey my passion for human relations.


  • Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Negotiation