Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

Edmond Cigale has been dedicating his professional career to the exploration of the potentials of human awareness since 1996. He is the CEO at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology and owner of TCT® Academy, the three-year Program for humanistic consultants. Edmond has completed graduate studies in the integration of cognitive, humanistic, and transpersonal psychology; he is a leading professional in humanistic and transpersonal consulting and nonverbal communication in Slovenia.

As a seasoned trainer, professional coach, and facilitator in the field of human behaviour, Edmond is well aware of the personal and professional challenges of a wide range of clients. He is passionate about empowering people to increase emotional intelligence and authenticity, decode body language and nonverbal communication, evaluate credibility and detect deception. Edmond aims to support clients to better connect with others, to lead teams more proficiently, and to enjoy a richer and happier life. He offers professional coaching and training in both personal and professional lives of individuals, groups, and team leaders in organizations. He specializes in body language, nonverbal communication, and deception detection based on scientific research.

As the only Paul Ekman Associate operating in Slovenia, Edmond advances a unique integration of knowledge and skilful means to individuals and groups in seminars, workshops, individual settings, and online, delivering a variety of custom-made training sessions to everyone interested in developing and expanding self-awareness.


  • Body Language
  • Credibility Analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence