Licensed Paul Ekman Associate
With over twenty-five years of experience in national security, international relations and diplomacy, David Stephens is a leading trainer and coach in the field of behavioural analysis and emotional intelligence in Australia and the region. David specialises in assisting leaders and organisations to expand their emotional and non-verbal communication and intelligence to better lead, connect, influence and assess credibility.
Working in the national security environment, David understands the need for both government and private industry involved in high stakes scenarios to be as effective as possible in assessing credibility. Understanding our own emotions and the emotions of others is a fundamental skill. David helps a range of clients develop emotional and non-verbal intelligence and prepares individuals and organisations to maximise opportunities and reduce risks in complex and sometimes hostile operating environments.
David has a passion for empowering leaders and organisations to acquire the tools and build the skills they need to succeed. As the only Paul Ekman Associate operating in Australia, David brings a unique set of skills, experience and tools to help both individuals and organisations. From coaching sessions to workshops and presentations, David offers a wide range of different training sessions based on the practical application of scientific research in the area of non-verbal communication and credibility analysis. 


  • Credibility Analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership