Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

Kinesics Consulting is a firm which helps businesses and their owners achieve their full potential by mastering the art of non-verbal communication. Our clients learn how to exceed their negotiation efforts, sales, interpersonal connections, and public speaking skills. This knowledge, which not only enables personal growth and a better representation of your business, also strongly contributes to a growth in revenue.

We offer training on:

A. Presentation skills and public speaking
B. Intonation
C. Body Language and non-verbal communication
D. How to read micro-expressions and detect deception
Angela works with world-renowned businesses, helping them and their teams improve their sales, negotiation, and presentation skills through the art of body language and non-verbal communication. She has worked with both medium and large-sized businesses such as Rogers, Belairdirect, W-Hotels, McGill University, John Molson School of Business, SunLife Financials, Montreal Chamber of Commerce, and others.
To give back to the community, Angela mentors and judges entrepreneurs at events such as Startup Weekends, YES Montreal, as well as at business incubators. In recognition of Angela’s business acumen and community influence, she was awarded the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Jewish Chamber of Commerce.


  • Body Language
  • Micro Expressions
  • Public Speaking