Licensed Paul Ekman Associate

Sharon is the Founder and Lead Behavioural Investigator for the Mind Hush Group and one of only two Ekman Associates currently operating in Australia and licenced to deliver Paul Ekman training and content. As a behavioural science educator, she specialises in training CEOs, managers, business leaders, and other professionals in the areas of emotional intelligence, non-verbal communication and deception detection, based on the practical application of science.

Drawing on her 27 years of experience in corporate communications spanning a diverse spectrum of industries across Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe and the UK, she offers a range of training courses, masterclasses, coaching sessions and keynote presentations, in addition to being an accomplished international conference and event speaker. Sharon provides her clients with the knowledge to develop the skills needed to assess the emotional states and underlying motives of other people in order to get to the truth and credibility of information with more accuracy, make better decisions, have more influence over behaviour and achieve more successful outcomes. 

Dedicated to empowering other people to better understand what drives human behaviour by dissecting the science behind it, Sharon helps individuals expand their emotional intelligence to improve their own emotional life and how they connect, interact, and communicate with others. She holds a Bachelor of Business Degree from Edith Cowan University, is certified in Emotional Skills and Competencies and Evaluating Truth and Credibility (including reading micro and subtle facial expressions), and is an Associate member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.


  • Credibility Analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Non-verbal communication