Prof. Paul Ekman in Italy to meet our delegates

Next October Prof. Paul Ekman in Italy to speak about emotions

On October 12th-13th in the city of Bologna, seat of the most ancient university in Europe, Prof. Paul Ekman will be the main guest in a unique event that brings together the leading experts in the world of emotions, facial expressions and non-verbal communication.
Paul Ekman International PLC and Italian LDC I&G Management organize the event in collaboration with Bless You!
As a result of the considerable interest in our Paul Ekman certified courses all around Europe, we are pleased to promote this special occasion in which it will be possible to listen to Prof. Paul Ekman in an informal and friendly environment.
You will be addressed by the scientist who has significantly influenced scientific research in emotional intelligence. Prof. Ekman will share the core of his scientific studies with his audience: from the definition of emotions to their innate characteristics, from the awareness of triggers to a constructive behavioral strategy to manage them.
This two days seminar will be enriched by the active presence of John Pearse and Mary Ann Mason from Paul Ekman Group together with Lucia Giovannini and Nicola Riva, founders of the Italian Institute of Neuro-semantics.
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